The Air it Out camp has been a mainstay in Texas Football for 20+ years. It is time tested and athlete proven as a training stronghold for QBs and Receivers. Coach Wartes is simply the best at training QBs and Receivers. Sam Harrell, State Champion HS coach, Dad of three former campers
This was with out a doubt, the best 'working camp' for Quarterbacks and Receivers that I've come across. Coach Greg Morgan, Head Coach Madisonville High School
Our kids love it!! Todd Dodge, State Champion HS Coach
I've been sending kids from 7th through 12th grade for 20 years. It is phenomenal the work they get in 2 days. Brad Turner, Head HS Coach, Dad of two former campers
My kids have always come away from this camp with more than just football, and don’t get me wrong, the football is outstanding. I appreciate the attention to the aspect of leadership and becoming a better person as well. This sets AIO apart in my opinion. Marty Secord, HS Coach, Dad of Former Florida State QB Will Secord
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