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What size t-shirt does my son need?

T-shirt sizes are adult sizes–NOT boy’s sizes.

If my son attends a camp with multiple grade levels will he be working out with boys older and younger than his age?

NO! Boys are split up by grade and age for workouts. Our coaches are sensitive to the ages of all attendees for the camp and they desire for each boy to receive the maximum appropriate training.

If my son can't attend the camp can we get our deposit back?

No. Deposits are non-refundable as stated on the registration form. We will however credit it forward to next year if requested.

Will I receive a confirmation card in the mail regarding my son's registration?

No. All communication will be e-mailed. If you do not receive confirmation within two weeks of mailing your registration form, please use our contact form located under Contact.

I mailed in my registration but have not received a confirmation, how do I know if my son is enrolled in camp?

Often the confirmation email can be sent to the junk mail folder inadvertently. Please check your junk mail first, if you still have not received an email please promptly contact us. If you register with a school, service center or office email often it will be blocked by the firewall, we may need you to provide a personal email for us to send to.

Does a parent need to be at registration to sign any forms such as a medical waiver?

No. Your signature on your son’s registration form is all we need. Your son may carpool with other participants or may be dropped off at registration, your presence is not required.

My son is going into 9th grade, which camp should he attend?

Only the Abilene camps are affected. All of the other camps are 7-12 and they should be registered for the grade they will be attending in the upcoming fall.

What does my son need to bring to camp?

Please see our What to Bring page under the Camp Information.

Do you have a daily schedule for the camp?

Yes, it is located under “daily schedule” on this website or you may pick up a schedule card on the day of registration.

Can I observe my son at camp?

Absolutely. You will be given a schedule of work outs and you are welcome to attend all sessions. For your convenience you might bring a lawn chair, sunscreen, and umbrella.